Trees For Bees

Viking Projects' Pollinator Garden

Our philosophy with our Five Sustainability Initiatives is to create opportunities for our teams to learn and take part in the initiatives. When we looked at Trees For Bees and the importance flowering trees and shrubs play in the cycle of the pollinators, we decided that, with the support of the Lacombe Composite High Schools award-winning EcoVision Program, we would create a pollinator garden at our Lacombe office. This allows us to learn, observe and take part in contributing to help save the bee population by providing access to the bees’ number one source of healthy food; flowering trees and shrubs. Change starts with an idea, then an action. Leading by example and creating hands-on opportunities is essential to us on our Sustainability Journey.

This garden will continue to grow each year. The flora will be planted and cared for by the Vikings. The garden is dedicated to past Vikings, who are always in our hearts and minds, present Vikings who are the leaders of change and future Vikings, those who will join us and those who will benefit from our Sustainability efforts. Like the cycle of life created by the pollinator garden, so too is the cycle of the Vikings as we remember our past team members, create change in the present and look towards the future at the endless possibilities provided by nature.

Trees For Bees Logo

When Trees For Bees was in the brainstorming stage, we acknowledged the urgency of planting trees to become carbon neutral, but what type of trees could be planted? Yes, reforestation is a significant piece of becoming carbon neutral, but what if we could double down? What if we started with a commitment of 10% of our tree planting efforts per year in our local communities? What kind of trees would best benefit our local communities? The answer was flowering trees to support the dwindling Bee population. Bee populations are in trouble, and the root cause is a decrease in healthy food sources for the pollinators. Their favourite food sources are flowering trees and shrubs. We realized that this initiative had nothing but room to grow as we grew as a company. Therefore it needed its own identity! We are looking forward to seeing where this initiative goes as we educate ourselves and get boots on the ground and hands in the dirt planting food sources for the pollinators, which in turn, thank us with our own food sources!

Leadership Growth & Mentorship Program

Viking Projects Ltd. announces that Kristie Singer will be the Lead for an original initiative, Trees For Bees. Kristie will be working with Jason Halberg, COO, as her Mentor.

Kristie has been with Viking Projects Ltd. for four years and is currently the VP of HSE. Through Kristie’s four years with the company, she has researched and implemented several programs that have increased the efficiency and effectiveness of our HSE Department. Her attention to detail and analytical planning will be an asset to bringing Trees For Bees to life. Her previous success confirms that this initiative will have a positive impact, and we cannot wait to see where Kristie and Jason take the Trees For Bees initiative over the next five years.

A hands-on approach to Bees & Bee Keeping

Kristie’s enthusiasm and willingness to learn all aspects of a project, including her tree binder grouped by species of trees, paired with Jason’s Bee Keeping (yes, he has his own hive) and green thumb when it comes to growing all sorts of food-producing trees and shrubs is one of the reasons why we feel that Viking Projects Ltd. will be able to do great things with the Trees For Bees Initiative and Brand. 

Attention to detail, research and execution will be the game-changer in how we rally behind pollinators, engage with local Bee Keepers, Farmers and Organic Food Producers to help get the bees and other pollinators back to healthy numbers. It is a win/win supporting the pollinator category when focusing on Environmental Sustainability because we continue to benefit from their pollination abilities when it comes to healthy food for us!