Throughout history, there have been many myths and legends about Vikings. One of the stories we found was about Norse Health and the focus around wellbeing that the Vikings had. Heilsa in Old-Norse means: The state of being free from physical or psychological disease, illness, or malfunction; wellness. The Vikings had an in-depth focus on their personal and collective wellbeing including, physical, mental, and social health. For the Vikings to be at the top of their game, they paid great attention to their overall balance between physical, mental, and social health. These superior warrior men & women, because women were equals in Viking culture, another Viking tradition we have stayed true to as a company, only went into battle if they felt balanced. We believe that teams at the top of their game are in a positive state of wellbeing. The individual is responsible for their wellbeing, but so is the collective. That is what makes the team successful. 

To honour Viking Culture we included a reference to the Helm of Awe in our Heilsa Wellness logo. The Helm of Awe was used for protection and victory in battle. The Vikings worked together to achieve a unified end goal. The Helm of Awe struck fear into the Vikings’ adversaries as it was a symbol of an elite team of warriors.


Focusing on physical, mental and social health as a business can be tricky. There isn’t a “one size fits all” option because each person is different. Industries are different. Communication styles are different. We reviewed many options on ways to support our team and came to the conclusion that, the best way to support our teams physical, mental and social wellbeing was to ask questions, listen and create open dialogue. Since our culture and wellness plan is for the team, why not give the option to the team to help build it? This is where “Built By Vikings, For Vikings,” comes from. Our goal with this initiative is to make it a collaborative and inclusive one.  


Viking Projects Ltd. announces that Anna MacKenzie will be the Lead for an original initiative, Heilsa Wellness. Anna will be working with Paxton Morrison, VP of Fleet Asset Management, as her mentor.

Anna has been with Viking Projects for four years as a Field Safety Advisor. But not just any Field Safety Advisor. Anna is a trusted and respected member of the Vikings team, and her positivity and formal training in Wellness Programs have made her a go-to for many people. Anna works for the team. She is a natural leader who leads by example with a servant leadership style. She has always understood the correlation between wellness and safety and its impact on people and projects. Heilsa Wellness was specifically designed with Anna in mind. Her talent and understanding of wellness and culture will be a substantial driver in the success of this program.

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