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Check out these local charities located in Central Alberta

The Broom Tree Foundation

The Broom Tree Foundation is a not-for-profit organization envisioned and facilitated by Donna Abma in conjunction with a group of local community members. Together, they have a desire and vision to help support women who have been faced with a variety of obstacles, empowering them to overcome their challenges and achieve their highest potential. As an extensive community based organization, our mandate is to maintain an enriched environment focused solely on those in need of support & compassion. Encouraging safety, grace, faith, mercy and love while empowering personal growth and belonging is our primary goal.

Mission Statement

The Broom Tree Foundation 

Maintains an enriched environment focused solely on those in need of support and compassion. 

Encourages safety, non-judgemental grace, mercy and love.

Empowers personal growth, skills and belonging.

Ensures the proper support and resources are available to enable transformation into independent, healthy and confident members of the community.

Refuge, Restore, Rebuild

All are welcome to the table.

We  would like to focus on raising money for The Bridges program which looks after the immediate needs of women and their families. A community outreach that focuses on immediate physical needs, ex: groceries, rent, housing, clothing and mental needs, ex: mentorship, counselling etc. you can donate through , search Red Deer District & Community Foundation, click campaigns, click The Broom Tree  and Donate.

Saving Grace Animal SOciety

Saving Grace Animal is an animal rescue operating 7 days a week, 365 days a year out of Alix AB with the sole purpose of saving animals in need. If there is an animal in distress we are here to help it to the best of our ability. We believe all animals deserve a chance at a long and happy life free of suffering whether that be a dog, a cat or a cow. We actively rescue stray, injured and unwanted animals throughout Alberta and into Northern Saskatchewan as well as intaking owner surrenders. We pride ourselves on taking on the larger medical cases and giving those animals a chance; if they have the fight to live we will fight alongside them and give them the best chance. We truly believe that there is a soul behind every set of eyes and every soul is worthy of being loved.

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Our Dream Donor campaign is all about the dream to help as many animals as we can, we never want to have to say no to an animal in distress because we simply don’t have the space. In our few years in operation we have outgrown our current building and the need to expand is dire. Due to covid our hopes and dreams for a new building got put on hold but we are now in a position to be able to purchase our current building and land and do an expansion that will give us everything we need; the reality of a new building is at our fingertips. What we need now is support from the public. We know 2020 hasn’t been easy on anyone BUT what it has taught us is the strength in community. We have been humbled by the amount of continued support we receive from our supporters daily and we know that TOGETHER we can do this! By becoming a Dream Donor and donating towards our new building fund you are helping to save more lives, you are truly making a difference and your donation does not go unnoticed. You can view options for one time donations, monthly donations, business donors and more on our website under the Dream Donor Tab. We are excited to see what we can accomplish with the support of our community- Thank You! 

Team Jigger foundation


Who we are: Team Jigger is a foundation dedicated to enriching the lives of people who’ve suffered spinal cord injuries or associated disorders. We are working to provide equipment, information, and resources for these individuals to move better, live healthier and work easier. We strive for everyBODY to live and function together in the same environment.

Team Jigger Feet

Our Inspiration: On January 14th, 2011, Jason Lunn, the founder of Team Jigger was in a serious car accident, leaving him with two fractured vertebrae and a spinal cord injury at the C6/C7 level. The doctors told him he would never walk again, nor regain the use of his hands.  Instead of accepting this diagnosis and dwelling on his new road ahead, Jigger did the complete opposite. He’s worked hard every day to break down physical, mental, and social barriers that come along with such diagnosis. Through this pursuit of rehabilitation, Jigger found a serious lack of necessary equipment and resources close to home. Not to mention, the constant battle with accessibility. And so the Team Jigger foundation was established. Born from the desire to move, the Team Jigger Foundation aims to make rehabilitation more accessible, and accessibility more conventional by providing necessary rehabilitation equipment and therapies so that everyBODY can move and live better.

Team Jigger Feet

Why is it called Bricks + Footprints?: Building walls and making an impact! That’s what this movement is all about! All funds raised will go directly towards the cost of construction for our new facility! The quicker we get walls up, the quicker we can all benefit from the equipment and services the Team Jigger Facility will have to offer! Our overall fundraising goal is $100,000!

Give Care Share Lacombe

Our goal is to support the wonderful non-profit and charitable organizations and worthwhile causes in Lacombe and district. There are so many groups that are working to make our community a better, healthier, stronger place to live. There are also many worthwhile causes that are not registered charities, individuals or families who need a helping hand. By offering our support we can help them achieve their goals.


100+ Women pay $100 each = $10,000+

Collectively we make an impact to our Lacombe Community



  • Being a member of Give Share Care Lacombe means that you believe in local charities and causes. It is simple, elegant and effective.
  • Give Share Care Lacombe is a network of intelligent, supportive, engaged, caring women who are having an immediate, direct, and positive impact on our community.
  • Our goal is to support the wonderful non-profit and charitable organizations & worthwhile causes in Lacombe and area.100% of fund donated go to the selected charities &/or causes. There are no administration fees and all costs of the organization or cause are covered through the generosity of sponsors.
  • We want to encourage others to get involved and to learn more about the many worthwhile initiatives and organizations & worthwhile causes in our community.
  • Collectively, we can make a difference in our community.