Thinking Safely all Day Long

Thinking Safely all Day Long


Tips to Ensure Employee Safety

Western Canada is the leading source of oil and gas with over 400,000 kilometers of pipelines in Alberta, along with many more traversing throughout Canada. Rigorous safety regulations for pipeline & facility construction project management in Western Canada have significantly reduced the risk of on-site injury.

At Viking Projects, we are deeply committed to the health and safety of our employees as well as the environment on all our pipeline & facility Viking Projects sites. Our goal is to have incident-free job sites and have all employees safely return to their families.

We believe in construction project management that has a foundation built around safety through leadership, training, site supervision, and measures that support continuous safety improvements.

Employee Safety Checkup With Manager in Western Canada

How to Keep Employees Safe Under Hazardous Conditions

1. Create a Safety Conscious Culture
Senior leadership shall emphasize safety to all employees and contractors. We make sure that everyone who steps foot on a Viking Projects job site, from the company President to the Junior construction worker, is aware of any identified hazards. Each person must understand that their safety responsibilities affect the safety of everyone else on the job site.

2. Competency and Training
Employees are required to take part in a meaningful Viking Projects orientation and provide proof of required health and safety training before entering a job site. Supervision will hold regular safety meetings and schedule training exercises to keep emergency skills relevant.

3. Site Supervision
Viking Projects implements site supervisor’s at job sites, to provide safety leadership and ensure regulatory requirements and company policies are followed. Supervisors are empowered to complete regular spot checks to identify new hazards and possible areas of injury around the work site.

4. Safe Work Sites
Supervision and workers ensure that all work sites are kept neat and orderly to avoid unnecessary hazards. We mark all potential hazards at the work site and are documented, explained, identified and communicated to make sure that all employees can recognize and report potential hazards to their supervisors and management as work commences.

5. Employee Safety
We ensure all workers know what personal protective equipment (PPE) they must wear for their given job. No one should set foot on a job site without their required PPE.

6. Vehicle Safety
At any given time, there can be vehicles and construction equipment moving around on a pipeline & facility construction site. Fully functional, well-maintained and emergency equipment is critical in maintaining a safe work environment.

7. Adequate Rest Periods
Ensure all employees are not showing signs of fatigue and have enough time to travel to and from the work site each day. Allow time for rest periods for nutrition and make sure everyone stays well-hydrated on the job.

For more information regarding safety regulations for pipeline & facility companies in Western Canada or if you have questions about the safety mandate at Viking Projects, send us a message through our website contact form or give us a call at 403-782-2756.