Safety All The Way Down The Line: Ten Driving Tips to Keep Everyone Safe This School Season

Safety All The Way Down The Line: Ten Driving Tips to Keep Everyone Safe This School Season

The school bell has started ringing again and it’s time to pack some tasty lunches and head “back to school” with a specific focus to learn and improve daily.

Being aware means looking out for kids while driving in school zones. The Viking Projects team reminds everyone to be extra cautious on the roads during this busy time of the year. Please drive safety both in the field, and in town.

Canada Safety Council published the following ten driving tips to keep everyone safe:

1. Reduce your speed. Be more careful in residential areas where children are present. Respect speed limits in school zones and playground zones.

2. Stop for school buses displaying the flashing red lights and the extended stop arm. In most cases, traffic in both directions must stop for school buses. Do not continue on until the flashing lights stop.

3. Obey crossing guards.

4. Never overtake other vehicles within a school zone or within a half block of any crosswalk.

5. Avoid U-turns and three-point turns in school zones. Children can have a difficult time predicting these types of vehicle manoeuvers.

6. Give cyclists a wide berth (a minimum clearance of one metre is the rule in some jurisdictions).

7. Shoulder check before opening your vehicle door.

8.  Leave extra time to reach your destination.

9. If you observe reckless driving or suspect a driver is impaired, pull over as soon as it is safe to do so, and report the incident to police by calling 911.

10. Choose public transit and active modes of transportation, if and whenever possible. One less car on the road makes the road that much safer for everyone.

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